RTN-011 v3.1: Rubin plans for an Early Science Program

A new version, v3.1, of technote RTN-011, “Rubin Observatory Plans for an Early Science Program,” has been issued and is available at https://rtn-011.lsst.io . V3.1 include major updates to the Early Science program following the replan of the construction project in late 2022 . Key changes include:

  • Addition of DP0.3 based on the SSSC’s 10yr simulated catalog to support Solar System Science
  • Redefinition of DP1 following the removal of ComCam on-sky observing to now be based on a limited amount of LSSTCam data obtained around the System First Light milestone.
  • DP2 will serve a full consistent reprocessing of all data collected as part of the LSSTCam Science Validation Surveys together with any other science-grade commissioning data taken throughout the Science Optimization phase of commissioning, including the DP1 data.
  • Decoupling of Alert Production from the Data Previews; routine Alert Production will begin as soon as is feasible following System First light. Once begun, Alert Production will then proceed continuously into the full LSST survey.

This version has been uploaded to Zenodo and citeable at https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.5683848. Note that the Zenodo citation URL is the same as for previous versions; this Zenodo link will always return the most recent version of a document. For convenience, the short URL ls.st/esp has been set up to point to https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.5683848

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