Solar System Science Collaboration (SSSC) May 2023 Update

A brief update on SSSC (Solar System Science Collaboration) happenings over the past month. A more detailed version will be sent out to the SSSC collaboration

International In-kind Program Information Sessions: We’ll be having two information sessions about the Rubin international in-kind program, what in-kind contributions to the SSSC are being developed and how you can give input on these projects. Italy and Canada will present on Tuesday, May 9, at 5pm-6pm UTC (6-7pm BST, 7pm-8pm CEST, 10am-11am PDT) Hungary (via the general software development pool) and UK will present Wednesday, May 31, also at 5pm-6pm UTC (6pm-7pm BST, 7-8pm CEST, 10am-11am PDT). Connection information is being sent around the collaboration communication channels.

LSST Readiness Sprint: The SSSC’s LSST Solar System Readiness Sprint 2023 will in-person (and hybrid for as much of it that we can make hybrid) the two days before Asteroids Comets Meteors (Friday June 16 and Saturday June 17) at the Northern Arizona University. We’re still working out all the details. The draft schedule (speakers have yet to be confirmed) can be found here. We are aiming for ~50 attendees at the Sprint.

Sprint Funding Support: Those who have requested funding have heard back from our Early Career Representative who organized the selection process. A big thank you to Agata Rożek and those collaboration members who helped in the selection process. Meg has started to reach out to the top ranked individuals to try and book travel/accommodation.

DP0.3 - Thanks to the advocacy of the SSSC, there is going to be an addition of DP0.3 based on the SSSC’s 10yr simulated catalog to support Solar System Science. The UW Rubin Solar System Data Products Team is developing DP0.3, and we expect it will be available at the time of our Sprint in June on the Rubin Science Platform as well as the SSSC’s JupyterHub (now called the LINCC JupyterHub). Further details here and at the Sprint.

Changes to access to the Rubin Data Previews: The Community Science Team has announced that, from now on, any Data Rights Holder may sign up for the current Data Preview 0, simply by following a registration checklist.

Technosignatures Think Tank Feedback: The co-chairs are thinking about establishing a Think Tank Group to get together within the SSSC to discuss and brainstorm technosignature and LSST Solar System research synergies and become aware of the software tools that are being developed within the collaboration? We would like the wider collaboration’s feedback by May 31st.

Outer Solar System Working Group Lead Elections - Circumstances beyond our control have delayed the SSSC working group lead elections. The emails from election runner are now out.

SCOC Report 2 -The Rubin SCOC (Survey Cadence Optimization Committee) Phase 2 Recommendations were published in January. You can find it here along with the version 3.0 simulation, which is linked from this community post.

SCOC Request for Feedback - The SCOC has published a form requesting feedback on a set of LSST cadence questions/topics by June 7th . We have a mailing list for those interested in contributing to cadence discussions/SSSC feedback on cadence simulations/observing strategy.

Tuning the Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) Observing Strategy for Solar System Science - The very long (a big thank you to the reviewer whomever you are and AAS Publishing team) paper from collaboration members reviewing how various options for the LSST observing strategy impact Solar System metrics and opportunities for Solar System Science has been accepted to ApJS. The preprint is available here.

Rubin PCW: The Rubin Operations Project and Community Workshop 2023 (PCW) will take place in Tucson, AZ the week of August 7, 2023. Registration will open soon. You can suggest a break out session up to May 12th and also request a poster or talk at the meeting. Further details on the meeting page. You’ll have to log in/create a Rubin/LSST user login.

Supporting Computational Science with Rubin LSST Meeting: Slides from the virtual meeting held in March is available on the meeting website. Of particular interest is the “Local Universe Science” Solar System slides

Options for Alert Packets - A new document by the Rubin Data Management has been published about options and decisions about alert stream packets. You can find it here.

Meg and Colin

SSSC Co-Chairs

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