Rubin Euclid Derived Data Products Working Group

Dear Rubin Community,

Rubin and Euclid are happy to announce that the working group to develop recommendations on joint derived data products has been convened. We are pleased that Leanne Guy (Rubin) and Jean Charles Cuillandre (Euclid) have agreed to co-chair the working group.

We expect the co-chairs to being working soon with the other members to design the initial community workshop for October-November (virtual). Watch this space for more information soon.

Onward Rubin-Euclid!

Bob, Phil, Jason, Yannick

The full WG membership is given below.

Leanne Guy
Yusra Alsayyad
Etienne Bachelet
Manda Banerji
Franz Bauer
Bob Blum
Jim Bosch
Tom Collett
Siegfried Eggl
Catherine Heymans
Zeljko Ivezic
François Lanusse
Phil Marshall
Peter Melchior
Dara Norman
Michael Troxel
Jean Charles Cuillandre
Eric Aubourg
Herve Aussel
Chris Conselice
Andriano Fontana
Henk Hoekstra
Isobel Hook
Konrad Kuijken
Rene Laureijs
Yannick Meillier
Joe Mohr
Michele Moresco
Reiko Nakajima
Stéphane Paltani
Jason Rhodes
Daniel Stern