Rubin Science Assembly, Thu 07 March 2024: (Re-)Introduction to DP0.2 and DP0.3

All are invited to join this week’s Rubin Science Assembly. (See this topic for more info on Rubin Science Assemblies.)

(Re-)Introduction to DP0.2 and DP0.3
This week’s presenter Jeff Carlin will provide an overview of Data Preview 0, data access, related documentation, and communication tools. The session is meant to be an introduction for new delegates, and/or a refresher for existing delegates.

Thursday, March 7 at 9am Pacific (2024-03-07T17:00:00Z).

Zoom connection:

New delegates are welcome! See the Getting started with Data Preview 0 checklist for info about becoming a delegate and accessing DP0 data.

Additional resources:

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Summary and Recording of the Rubin Science Assembly, 07 March 2024 – (Re-)Introduction to DP0.2 and DP0.3

The Rubin Science Assembly on Thursday, 07 March 2024 featured a presentation by Jeff Carlin. The presentation highlighted many aspects of the DP0 getting started guide, including basic guidance about using Rubin resources, signup for Rubin Science Platform (RSP) accounts, an intro to the Community Forum, and brief introductions to both the DP0.2 and DP0.3 datasets and their documentation. These were followed by brief demonstrations of how to access data products from the Portal and the Notebook aspects of the RSP.

The following video of the Assembly is available on our Youtube channel:

See the schedule of upcoming events for additional Rubin Science Assemblies.