Rubin Science Assembly, Thu 21 March 2024: How to upload tables to the Portal Aspect

All are invited to join this week’s Rubin Science Assembly. (See this topic for more info on Rubin Science Assemblies.)

**How to upload tables to the Portal Aspect **
This week’s presenter Christina Williams will demonstrate a functionality of the Portal aspect for user-uploaded tables and their use in queries for DP0.3. The session is a beginner introduction for new or existing delegates.

Thursday, March 21 at 9am Pacific 2024-03-21T16:00:00Z.

Zoom connection:

New delegates are welcome! See the Getting started with Data Preview 0 checklist for info about becoming a delegate and accessing DP0 data.

Additional resources:

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Ah, no. I didn’t see this in time. Was the session recorded? I know a couple of people in LSST:UK who would be interested to see this. Thanks

hi @george_beckett

Yes, it was recorded. I’m guessing a link to the recording will appear on the “Full schedule…” page that @ChristinaWilliams linked to above. The first one (from the 7th of March) is on there,

Summary and Recording of the Rubin Science Assembly, 21 March 2024 – How to upload tables to the portal aspect

The Rubin Science Assembly on Thursday, 21 March 2024 featured a presentation by Christina Williams. The presentation demonstrated some key functionality of the Rubin Science Platform’s Portal Aspect for user-uploaded tables, and their use in queries for DP0.3.

The following video of the Assembly is available on our Youtube channel:

See the schedule of upcoming events for additional Rubin Science Assemblies.