Rubin Users Committee: nominations for new members due Feb 29 2024

Rubin Observatory seeks members of the science community to serve on the Rubin Users Committee (UC). Self-nominations are encouraged.

Nomination form: see below (also in Appendix A of
Return to: Michael Strauss (strauss at astro dot princeton dot edu)
Due: February 29 2024

The Rubin Users Committee has been in place since early 2022, and is the formal interface for feedback from the science community regarding the quality and efficacy of the Rubin data products and services (e.g., the Rubin Science Platform). With the first group of Users Committee members ending their terms this Spring, we are actively looking for new members.

A full description of the Rubin Users Committee, including its role, responsibilities, and the membership criteria, can be found in the Charge to the Users Committee (RDO-051). More details can also be found in the original call for nominations in 2021. A list of the current UC members can be found on the Rubin Users Committee website.

Nomination Form: Please create the nomination form as a document (preferably a PDF) with the following components and email it to Michael Strauss (strauss at astro dot princeton dot edu), chair of the Rubin Observatory Science Advisory Council (SAC). The SAC will review the nominations and make a recommendation to the Rubin Observatory Operations Director, who will make the final decisions. The contents of these forms will be seen only by the Rubin SAC members and the Operations Director.

  1. Nominee name.
  2. Nominee email.
  3. Nominee institutional affiliation.
  4. Nominator. If not a self-nomination, indicate if the nominee is aware of the nomination.
  5. Career stage that best describes the nominee for the next two years (e.g., graduate student; postdoctoral researcher; research staff scientists / engineer; junior / senior / emeritus professor).
  6. Science Collaborations (if any) the nominee is a member of.
  7. Nominee’s Rubin-related science interests (up to one paragraph).
  8. Nominee’s experience with the Rubin Science Platform, LSST Science Pipelines; other relevant experience with the Rubin Observatory data products and services such as Data Preview 0 or Stack Club; or technical experience with relevant precursor surveys such as, e.g., HSC, KIDS, or DES (up to one page).

Again, self-nominations are encouraged!

If you have any questions, please reply in thread to this Topic post or contact Michael Strauss or Melissa Graham (@MelissaGraham).