Running alerts through new watchmap

Hello, I’ve created my first watchmap (trying to monitor the so-called “Earth Transit Zone”). This is my first use of MOCPy, so I hope I’ve created a continuous zone that wraps the sky correctly.

Is it possible to run the past ZTF alerts through this watchmap so we can explore the results?

@roy – might you know the answer to this query, or know of somebody else who would? Thanks!

Sorry about the late reply. I realised we needed some new code for this, made the code, then forgot the original reason. Anyway, I have run the watchmap against all the alerts, and there are 171,386 hits as of now. Probably what you want is to crossmatch and datamine, but unfortunately Lasair is not really set up for this. However, if you wish, I would be happy to make some kind of text file to export these results.