Sample alerts from DP0.2

The Lasair project is experimenting with lightcurve features, which requires sample LSST alerts. We have the single-filter sample alerts from 3 years ago, but it would be great to have lightcurves from DP0.2 – something with the right cadence, with diaSources, diaForcedSources, diaNondetectionLimits. I think I can get the data from the portal and wrap it up in the alert schema, but its a bit daunting. I wonder if anyone else has already done this?

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I don’t know of anyone who has extracted all of that info. I think you could fairly easily extract that info via the RSP Notebook aspect by (a) using the matches to the truth table to identify only variable objects you want to create alerts for (for example, see tutorial notebook 08 and/or the contributed notebook on using the DESC parquet tables, then (b) following other examples of lightcurves (e.g., tutorial Notebooks 07a and 07b) to see how to extract all observations at the positions of those objects.

I am not familiar with what you would need to extract to create alerts, but I think it should not be too difficult to do.

This could be a great topic to work on with other DP0 delegates at a delegate assembly or Stack Club, in addition to hopefully getting some pointers here on the community forum.

Hi @roy, the AP team is aiming to update the sample alerts (including from DP0.2) in the next few months, once some schema updates are complete.