Saturated objects

Hi Melissa,

in the DP0 simulated data the saturated objects are excluded or is there any possibility to recover saturated objects to be used for testing a software used to estimate the magnitude of these objects? When you have time please let me know. Thanks.

Cheers, Filippo

Hi Filippo,

It does appear that there are stars bright enough to saturate in the DC2 simulation, yes. In the screenshot below, I retrieve the true r-band magnitudes for true point sources within a 1 degree radius near the center of the DC2 area from the TruthSummary table, and then plot the histogram to get an idea of how many saturated (about r<16) stars there might be for you to work with.

See tutorial notebook 08_Truth_Tables.ipynb for more information about how to use the truth tables and how to join them to the Object table of detections and measurements (find it in /notebooks/tutorial-notebooks/ in your home directory in the Notebook Aspect at

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