Saving a portal plot

Where does a portal plot go when I save it? The save option doesn’t say where. They’re not downloading to my laptop and I haven’t been able to find them in my RSP directories.


That’s a very good question, Bob!
I just tried to save a plot (“chart_coord_ra-deg-coord_dec-deg.png”) from the Portal, clicked “Save” on the popup window, but I can’t find it anywhere. I looked on my laptop and – using the notebook aspect – searched through my directory tree and scratch space on, and I just can’t find it. Let me ask around…

This appears to be a bug. They should go to wherever your web browser’s downloads ordinarily go. I’ve verified that chart downloads aren’t working on right now, though. Thank you for reporting this.

This turns out to be a known bug, fixed in the upstream (PR: FIREFLY-1480: Fix binned plot and chart-saving bugs by jaladh-singhal · Pull Request #1562 · Caltech-IPAC/firefly · GitHub) and the fix is deployed already on the RSP integration cluster. I’ve verified that the integration-cluster version doesn’t show this behavior.