Scale of RSP in terms of users supported (data previews and main survey)

Hello, RSP experts—

This is a general question about the scale of the RSP in terms of users supported, both for data previews and for the actual survey. I’m mainly asking so that I can communicate the scale of the current and anticipated service in proposals.

The DP0 docs, Vera C. Rubin Observatory Documentation for Data Preview 0.2 (DP0.2), indicate that there are 900 current delegates. Is that number current? I’m not asking for an exact number, just a ballpark figure.

For the future, is there some anticipated scale for the user base that RSP anticipates supporting? I’ve looked in the 2019 document, LSST Science Platform Vision Document, but I haven’t found any numbers for the anticipated scale (I could have missed them). Even just a confirmation that it will be able to support “thousands of users” would be good to know, semi-officially.


The RSP is sized for 10,000 users. This is the number given to me as to the estimate of the data-rights holding community.

Thanks, @frossie!