Scheduler not working for given RA,Dec and MJD start


I am trying to run scheduler for the following parameters:

def generate_observations_rough(self, conditions):
obs = empty_observation()
obs[‘RA’] = np.radians(275.08)
obs[‘dec’] = np.radians(7.1853)
obs[‘exptime’] = 30. # Seconds
obs[‘nexp’] = 2
obs[‘filter’] = ‘r’
# If it’s been 12 hours or more, don’t try to execute the observation anymore
obs[‘flush_by_mjd’] = conditions.mjd + 0.5
obs[‘note’] = ‘mysurvey’ # Always good to set the note to which survey generated the observation
# Make it a list of 3
result = [obs] * 3
return result

for a MJD start of 59560.

The error I am getting is:
RuntimeError: Scheduler has failed to provide a valid observation multiple times.

I was wondering if someone can help me fix this problem. Thank you

@yoachim @ljones – any thoughts on this? Thanks very much…

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Looks like you have asked the scheduler to observe a point on the sky that has an altitude of -8 degrees. The telescope has a minimum altitude limit of +20 degrees.

You can change the starting MJD to a time when the target is up, or include a filler survey object that has available targets it can observe until the higher priority targets are available.

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