Science Pipeline release 18.1.0 - Status and discussion

Here is where we currently are in the release process. Current step in bold.


This release has been proposed via RFC-618 and approved by the CCB. It will be based on 18.0.0 release.

Release Engineering Steps

  1. Git Tag v18.1.0.rc1

  2. Eups publish rc1 candidate (b4397)

  3. Branch 18.1.x of

  4. Github release lsst_demo v18

  5. Wait for the first round of bugs to clear

  6. Repeat last 2 steps, -rc2 and rc3 candidates <-- final candidate is rc1

  7. Full OS testing (see )

  8. Final 18.1.0 Release

Binary release steps

  1. Produce factory binaries (produced using tarball-matrix)

  2. Test factory binaries

  3. Gather contributed binaries

Documentation Steps

Integration on v18.1.0 branch of pipelines_lsst_io

  1. Update Prereqs/Install

  2. Gather Release notes

  3. Gather Metrics report (No Characterization Report required)

  4. Update Known Issues

  5. Email announcement

The Science Pipelines official release 18.1.0 is now available: