Science Pipeline release 19.0.0 - Status and discussion

Here is where we currently are in the release process. Current step in bold.


Establishing if Science Pipeline is ready for next release.

Tentative target date to close the release on November 27th, 2019.

Release Jira issue:

Release Precursor Steps

  1. Identify any pre-release blockers (“must-have features”)
    To all science pipeline contributors, please check if there are outstanding issues that have to be included in the next 19.0.0 release. If no outstanding issues are highlighted, and no problems are found, we plan to use the next weekly build (w_2019_43 from October the 26th) as the starting point for the 19.0.0 major release.
  2. Wait for contributors to clear
  3. The weekly build identified as the starting point for the release is w_2019_46.

Release Engineering Steps

  1. Git Tag v19.0.0.rc1
  2. Eups publish rc1 candidate (based on b4576) (also w_2019_46)
  3. Branch v19.0 of
  4. Github release lsst_demo v19
  5. Wait for the first round of bugs to clear
  6. Repeat last 2 steps, -rc2 and rc3 candidates <-- final candidate is rc1
  7. Confirm DM Externals are at stable tags
  8. Full OS testing (see )
  9. Tag DM Auxilliary (non-lsst_distrib) repos
  10. Git Tag 19.0.0, rebuild, eups publish

Binary release steps

  1. Produce factory binaries (produced using tarball-matrix)
  2. Test factory binaries
  3. Gather contributed binaries

Documentation Steps

Integration on v19.0 branch of pipelines_lsst_io

  1. Update Prereqs/Install
  2. Gather Release notes
  3. Gather Metrics report
  4. Update Known Issues
  5. Email announcement

The DM-CCB discussed the pending issues this morning:

  • DM-21169
  • DM-20574
  • DM-20937
  • DM-18036
  • DM-19207
    and agreed that the start of the release process can wait a couple of weeks, until these issues are resolved. There should be minimum impact to the release availability date (or no impact at all).

Does the update to the schedule mean that some later weekly will be used as the basis, or that the changes from the blocking issues will be back-ported to a branch off of w_2019_43?

I’m interested primarily because I’m not sure when deprecated interfaces merged to master ~now should be marked as removable (in particular, RFC-644).

There are still 4 issues open, blocking the release:

  • DM-17924 to be removed from the blockers to 19.0.0
  • DM-22191 nothing done so far on this issue, looking on its status
  • DM-20571 should be merged today
  • DM-21169 should be also approved and merged today


  • we manage to clear all blockers by tomorrow the 12th by the end of the day
  • no other problems nor blocker issues are found
    we will start the release process with the next weekly w_2019_46.

The Science Pipelines 19.0.0 release is now available: