Scientific Support and Technical Assistance for DP0 Delegates

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There are two other main venues for DP0 delegates to get scientific support and technical assistance.

Scientific Support via the Community Forum
Scientific support includes questions about the DC2 simulated data set, the DP0 data products, and/or the application of the LSST Science Pipelines to the DP0 data set, as well as general discussion about DP0-related scientific analyses, or DP0 policies and guidelines. The subcategory “Support – Data Preview 0” is the best place for DP0 delegates to post topics related to scientific support. All DP0 delegates are encouraged to participate in these discussions, and the subcategory will be monitored by the CET to ensure that all questions are addressed. The category Support - Rubin Science Platform is where all RSP users, including DP0 delegates, can discuss and ask general questions about the scientific application of the RSP’s software and tools.

Technical Assistance via GitHub Issues
Bug reports, persistent technical issues, and requests for assistance from Rubin staff should be submitted by DP0 delegates as GitHub issues in the rubin-dp0 GitHub Organization’s Support repository. In the horizontal menu bar at the top of that page, click on the “Issues” option (with the circled dot icon), choose the green “New Issue” button at right, next to “Bug report” choose “Get started”, and fill in the title and contents of your issue. In the right side-menu, do adjust the labels as appropriate, but leave the other options. Click “Submit new issue” when you’re ready. These issues will be addressed by Rubin staff.

Examples of technical assistance issues might include:

  • connection problems (504 errors)
  • slow response times, hanging queries
  • authentication or authorization issues, login failures
  • apparent change in behavior of RSP functionality
  • error messages when attempting to access RSP tools

If you’re not sure whether to submit a GitHub issue, just submit anyway! If it turns out to be easy to fix or a non-issue, great. If you like, a preliminary step can be to make a new topic in the DP0 RSP Service Issues subcategory and ask about the potential issue.

There is no “wrong” place to post!
Please do not hesitate to post questions or submit issues via any of these channels. There is absolutely no harm in submitting a GitHub issue which is trivially resolved or gets redirected back to as a scientific question, or in posting a technical question which is redirected to GitHub issues, and no one should be worried if a forum moderator moves their topic to another category. All of the above is expected to happen, because the difference between scientific and technical issues can be a grey area. Optimizing the model for community engagement and support is one of the goals of Data Preview 0, and feedback to the CET about these options is welcome at any time.