SCOC liasons into the Science Collaborations

As described in SCOC Phase 2 recommendations, the composition of the Survey Cadence Optimization Committee was renewed on January 1st 2023. As one of its core responsibilities, the SCOC liaised with the Science Collaborations (SCs) via dedicated liaison assignments. In their role of liaisons, the SCOC members are responsible for enabling and ensuring the bidirectional communication flow between the SCOC and the SCs.

The liaison assignments are as follows.

Franz Baur AGN
Rachel Mandelbaum DESC
Saurabh Jha DESC
Steven Smartt DESC
Louise Edwards Galaxies
Federica Bianco ISSC
Timo Anguita SLSC
Jay Strader SMWLV
Knut Olsen SMWLV
Kat Volk SSSC
Adam Miller TVS
Colin Slater TVS
Rachel Street TVS

It should be noted that SCOC members are not to view themselves as advocates of specific science areas, or of a Science Collaboration, but rather as members exercising their best judgment on the LSST observing strategy with the goal of maximizing the overall scientific throughput of the survey.

Is it possible to get that information added/updated on the SCOC website as well? Thanks