Server Error (500) when I try to create/delete certain filters/watchlists


I have created some watchlists and filters in Lasair today. Some worked smoothly but for others, I get the “Server Error (500)” page when I try to delete some watchlists or when I create a new filter. Do you maybe know what causes this or how to solve it?

Many thanks in advance!

I have discovered two distinct problems. One is fixed but the other will take us a little while. First problem is with the filters – you are the first to use a dot “.” in the name, and our code broke, that is the one that is now fixed. The other is about the watchlists. When you delete or duplicate, a database row is deleted or copied for each entry in the watchlist – in your case 478,000 entries – and the database doesn’t like it all in one go, so that needs to be handled more carefully. So we are working on that.

@Panos, does @roy’s reply answer your question? If so, can you mark it as Solution?

Hi @galaxyumi331 , yes it does, I just marked it as a solution. Thanks for you answer @roy !!
I haven’t marked it as a solution yet because the Watchlists still cannot be deleted. But as Roy said this might take some time.

Thanks again!