Shared lock Error with EUPS installation

So, I’ve installed the Linux Ubuntu and am having this error upon trying to load up LSST eups installation,any help for me. Thanks for any feedback.

source loadLSST.bash # for bash
setup: Unable to take shared lock on /home/atlasofinfinity/lsst/stack/miniconda3-py37_4.8.2-cb4e2dc: an exclusive lock is held by [user=atlasofinfinity, pid=12060]
-bash: export: setup: not a function
-bash: export: unsetup: not a function

This indicates that you interrupted some kind of update (e.g. installation) in your “stack” directory as managed by eups.

You may be able to get around this by removing one or more of ~/.eups/.lockDir or ~/lsst/stack/miniconda3-py37_4.8.2-cb4e2dc/.lockDir and their contents.

You may also be able to avoid this a bit more permanently by doing this:

echo " = None" > ~/.eups/
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