Sky frame for HSC data

Hello all,
I run skycorrection before the coaddition step for HSC data. I only used skycorrection without producing firslty the sky frame described in this page HSC defaults now require sky correction
Would you please explain to me the gain I will have when running constructsky and ingestcalib before skycorrection? In other words, is the skycorrection I produced with only skycorrection is correct/enaugh or should I produce first the constractsky?
Thank you in advance

Hi Manal, I see this question is over two weeks old now, and I wanted to check in and see if you perhaps found a solution by another means, or if this is remains an issue?

If it remains an issue, I was wondering if you might be able to provide additional details (and maybe an example) of the problem you encountered in running skycorrection, constructsky, and/or ingestcalib? Details might help someone to identify a solution for your specific case.