Slack Invitations!

The Moment you’ve all been waiting for!

I’ll be sending out invites early next week, probably Monday afternoon.

Please refer to Andy Connolly’s Slack announcement for the Code of Conduct and refer to my post about the slack channel migration.

Some notes

  • Remember that when you accept your invite, it’s recommended that you use your GitHub ID for your username, though it is possible to change your username at any time. In addition, please make sure to fill out your first and last name for your profile. It would also be great to complete your profile with picture and a note about what you do. We’ve got a big team, and the information and pictures will surely help. :slight_smile:

  • The emails I have are derived from the LSST Contacts database. If I am using the wrong email, go ahead and sign up and then you’ll be able to change it, but also you should probably get that fixed in Contacts DB too

  • If you don’t receive an invite and you’re a DM member, please let me know either on here or on HipChat (either @bvan or on the Slack Migration room).

  • If you get your invitation and have other issues with Slack or questions about the migration, you can join #hipslack for now.

  • Create your new channels from your HipChat rooms. If your channel isn’t already created, I will create it by the end of next week. However, if I create the channel for you, it will always show me as the creator, and you will need an admin to change the name in the future. So it’s best if you create the channel. If you’d like to rename the channel, shoot me a message and I’ll update this list.

  • We have XMPP and IRC gateways turned on. You will be able to find out how to connect to those after you finish signing up.

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Hi Brian - are you also sending out the invites to science collaboration members, or do you know who is?


Hi David,

We will be sending those out next week hopefully!

Hi @brianv0! I’ve just joined the LSST community this year. Would I be able to get invited to the LSST Slack organization? I’ve reviewed and agree to the code of conduct. Please and thank you!

Slack invitations are now through the science collaboration chairs. So if you’re in a science collaboration, you can ask your collaboration’s chair to add you to slack.