Solar System Science Collaboration (SSSC) December 2019 Update

An brief update on SSSC (Solar System Science Collaboration) happenings over the past several months.A more detailed version will be sent out to the SSSC listserv.

Alerts in LSST Operations Year 1 (LOY1) - Leanne Guy gave a joint Project Science Team and Science Collaboration Co-chairs presentation on Alerts in LSST Operations Year 1 (LOY1) Slides and Video. A summary document has also been prepared by Project . We are currently collecting feedback from the SSSC on this topic.

LSST Solar System Sprint 3 - we aim to hold another sprint in 2020. There is limited funding available to host an event and we want to maximize attendance. We have a few options of when/where to host the sprint (including organizing it before ACM 2020). We are asking for feedback from the collaboration.

LSST Data Rights Policy Draft - a new draft of the LSST Data Rights Policy was released by LSST operations director Bob Blum. We’ve asked the Publication Coordinators to review the document. We are also soliciting feedback from the entire SSSC.

DPS-EPSC- slides from the DPS-EPSC LSST Workshop in September 2019 can be found here. Mario Jurić also wrote a summary report about the event.

LSST Algorithms Workshop - LSST Data management are organizing the LSST Algorithms Workshop. DATE: 17-19 March 2020 LOCATION: Princeton, NJ, USA. Register your interest to attend by Sunday 22 December 2019 at

LSST@Europe 4 Meeting will be held in Rome, Italy on June 8-12 2022. Further details at