LSST Data Policy

LSST Operations is announcing the release of a public draft of the LSST Data Policy. It describes:

  • access to the data
  • ability to use the data
  • collaborating with others using the data
  • publishing science results that use LSST data

The draft policy is available at

This policy will be put under change control within LSST Operations. We expect to receive feedback on the policy from the LSST community. The feedback will be accumulated over time and used, along with guidance from AURA, SLAC, NSF, and DOE, to periodically update the policy as appropriate.

For those of you writing proposals for research funding, we will now update the LSST data management plan, and will let you know when a new version is released at its stable URL,

As promised, an updated version of the LSST data management plan (“Summary of Data Management Principles”) is now available from Best wishes to all of you writing research grant proposals to prepare for LSST data!

Thanks Phil for the link. Once this thread drops off the front page, it becomes hard to find these links. Can a link to this document and the data rights policy draft be added to the LSST webpage in a more permanent place? Perhaps the data mangement section.


Good point, thanks Meg. I just checked, and LPM-151 is already listed as a “key project document” on the LSST website, here: What’s missing from that list is the new data policy, LDO-013. I’ll work on getting that added.