Solved issue of error in a new Stack build trying to access

Just a brief post to note an issue that may come up for others and seems worth documenting in that eventuality:

In attempting to do a new local build of the Stack (using the method of ), I kept getting errors of the form:

CondaHTTPError: HTTP 404 Not Found
for url <>

which @jsick pointed out is a deprecated URL, but nothing in the deploy script was referencing the URL. Turned out it was referred to in a .condarc file in my home dir which contained:

  - defaults

(and must have been left over from some ancient build attempt). I deleted this, and apart from a small hiccup with it hanging up at one point on afwdata for a while (which i then just added to the etc/exclusions.txt file, since i plan to run just some code from pipe_tasks right now, and then restarted the build), it cranked all the way through, and built successfully.

[H/t to @jmeyers314 for the suggestion!]