Star selectors have changed

As of RFC-154 and DM-5532 the API for star selectors has changed.

  • Star selectors are now tasks. They were already configurable and many added logs; now they are standard tasks.

  • The star selector registry starSelectorRegistry was gone for awhile, but is back again. Now that it is back, using a registry field from that registry is the preferred way to specify a star selector as a subtask of another task.

  • Added BaseStarSelectorTask (but for awhile it was called StarSelectorTask) an abstract base class for star selectors with the following methods:

    • selectStars an abstract method that takes a catalog of sources and returns a catalog of stars
    • makePsfCandidates a concrete method that takes a catalog of stars (as returned by selectStars and produces PSF candidates; it also returns a sub-catalog of those stars that were successfully turned into PSF candidates (which is usually all of them)
    • run a concrete method that selects stars, makes them into PSF candidates and optionally flags the stars