Stellar population synthesis model parameter for galaxies in DP0

Can I access the stellar population synthesis model parameters used to create galaxies in DP0, for each individual galaxy?

Hi @IlsangYoon, thanks for your question. The short answer is “no, you can’t access the stellar population synthesis model parameters used to create the galaxies via the Rubin Science Platform as a DP0 delegate”. That kind of information is not part of the data sets being served for DP0.1 via the RSP.

But, the DP0 data set is a subset of the DESC’s DC2 data set, and the DESC have made a public release of a limited set of DC2 data products. I’m not sure that what you need is included in the public release but it’s the place to check. Maybe report back in this thread if this was useful?

Thanks, @MelissaGraham I have contacted the LSST DESC data portal and asked the question. I will post it here if I hear something useful.

Hi @MelissaGraham

Very recently I started working on this and checked whether I can actually find the matched information from CosmoDC2 catalog. I selected few objects from the truth-match catalog in the Rubin science platform and used their cosmodc2_hp and cosmodc2_id to find out the object in the CosmoDC2 catalog (I only used subset of the catalog with HEALPix id) and I see the following keys and values are available. So, I think I can get the truth input parameters for each galaxy. I will need to read the CosmoDC2 paper to understand how these parameters are defined and used to create mock images. Thanks for your help.

<KeysViewHDF5 [‘LSST_filters’, ‘SDSS_filters’, ‘SEDs’, ‘baseDC2’, ‘blackHoleAccretionRate’, ‘blackHoleEddingtonRatio’, ‘blackHoleMass’, ‘convergence’, ‘dec’, ‘dec_true’, ‘diskAbundancesStellarMetals’, ‘diskMassStellar’, ‘diskStarFormationRate’, ‘diskVelocity’, ‘emissionLines’, ‘galaxyID’, ‘hostHaloMass’, ‘hostHaloTag’, ‘infallIndex’, ‘isCentral’, ‘lightcone_replication’, ‘lightcone_rotation’, ‘magnification’, ‘matchUp’, ‘morphology’, ‘otherLuminosities’, ‘peculiarVelocity’, ‘ra’, ‘ra_true’, ‘redshift’, ‘redshiftHubble’, ‘shear1’, ‘shear2’, ‘spheroidAbundancesStellarMetals’, ‘spheroidMassStellar’, ‘spheroidStarFormationRate’, ‘spheroidVelocity’, ‘spinSpin’, ‘step’, ‘totalAbundancesStellarMetals’, ‘totalMassStellar’, ‘totalStarFormationRate’, ‘totalVelocity’, ‘uniqueHaloID’, ‘vx’, ‘vy’, ‘vz’, ‘x’, ‘y’, ‘z’]>

This is great to hear, @IlsangYoon, thanks for following up!

Your investigations on this might also be really useful to other delegates, I think at least a few others are interested in using the extended DC2 truth catalogs (beyond what is in the DP0 truth_match catalog).

Also if you (or any other delegate reading this!) are interested to share your work in progress here on Community, or to present during a Delegate Assembly in Nov or Dec, and/or to contribute a demo Notebook to the shared GitHub repository for DP0 delegates, that would be great.