Suggest a new DP0.2 tutorial

All @DP0-Delegates are invited to reply in this forum topic to suggest new DP0 tutorials, and to upvote others’ suggestions by liking their posts (use the ‘heart’ :white_heart: under the post).

The Rubin Community Engagement team is working on a variety of new tutorials for DP0.2, which will include data products from difference image analysis – but please don’t hold back your suggestions, or limit them to time-domain science demonstrations! The CET is very interested to hear from the DP0 users on what would be most useful.

Thanks to the @Users-Committee for suggesting the idea of an up-votable suggestion list.

And as always, any questions or issues that you are facing in your DP0-related work can and should be raised as new topics in the “Support - Data Preview 0” category.