Suggest a science breakout session for the Rubin PCW 2023

The PCW Science Organizing Committee (SOC) welcomes suggested topics for breakout sessions during the Rubin 2023 Project and Community Workshop, Aug 7-11 in Tucson AZ (registration information to come).

Please post your suggestions as a reply in this thread; start a New Topic in this category with the title “Suggested Breakout Session: <Your Idea Here>”; or submit your suggestion via the Rubin PCW 2023 website. If you’re interested in chairing the session yourself, please indicate that! The SOC will be in touch.

For inspiration, take a look at the 2022, 2021 or 2020 PCW agendas and/or consider:
What would you like to learn about Rubin Observatory and the Legacy Survey of Space and Time?
What Rubin- or LSST-related science have you been working on and would like to discuss?

Anyone may participate in suggesting and discussion potential breakout session topics, even if they’re not yet registered or unsure of whether they will be able to attend.

Timeline: The SOC will be continuously reviewing breakout topic proposals, and would appreciate having lots of options in by Fri May 19 to allow sufficient time for creating the workshop schedule and for sessions chairs to be identified and fulfill their duties. However, please do continue to suggest topics after that date, because those that can’t be fit into the workshop schedule can become the basis for the Unconference* session on Wednesday afternoon.

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*What is an Unconference?

The last 1.5 hour block on Wednesday afternoon is an Unconference, with no pre-scheduled breakout sessions. Over the first three days of the meeting, attendees use a suggestion board to post ideas for emergent breakout topics and vote for the ones they would like to attend. During the coffee break immediately before the time block, the SOC matches the available conference room sizes to the suggested topics based on votes. It’s usually a pretty fun and popular event!

I would like to propose - What to Expect in Year 1 Operations: Early Science, Template Generation, Expectations for Alert Stream, and Opportunities for Transient Follow-up - It would be helpful to understand the latest version of the early science plan, a rough timeline from August 2023 to end of construction of when the Rubin year 1 cadence will be finalized, what is the latest timeline for making decisions about template generation is, what should be the community expectations for the Rubin alert stream in the first year,and how that plays into observing follow-up in Year 1. I think a discussion on this would be helpful for everyone’s planning especially for grants to analyze Rubin data and applying for follow-up observing programs.


I would also like to propose a Observing Stratey Session: a review of the latest baseline cadence simulation, an update from the SCOC on what new decisions they have made since the report issued at the end of 2022, and an overview of what issues remain to be solved for finalizing the LSST Year 1 cadence.

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