Submit an abstract for a talk or poster at the Rubin 2023 PCW


Everyone is welcome to submit a request to contribute a talk or poster in-person at the PCW, and students are especially encouraged.

Visit the Rubin 2023 PCW webpage and use the button “Request Poster/Talk” to submit your title and abstract by Fri Jun 16.

Details – The total number of talks and posters that can be accommodated is still to be determined. If this option is oversubscribed, the SOC will prioritize contributions from early-career researchers; people who register by Fri June 16; or abstracts that demonstrate a strong message or high-impact results related to LSST commissioning or early science. Talks will either be fit into the breakout sessions that are being suggested (via the website or here in the Forum), or into new breakout sessions that will be created by the SOC to accommodate them, as appropriate.

The agenda with talks and posters will be ready by Fri June 30.

To withdraw or update a submitted abstract, contact Melissa Graham (@MelissaGraham).

The option to present asynchronous talks and posters as “Rubin Research Bytes (RRBs)” here in the Forum will be offered again like it was last year.