Rubin Research Bytes (RRBs): how to contribute an asynchronous virtual poster or recorded flash talk


What does “Rubin Research Byte (RRB)” mean for the 2022 PCW?

For the Rubin 2022 PCW, “Rubin Research Bytes” (RRBs) are asynchronous virtual contributions for which there is no corresponding live virtual breakout session. This is different from the 2021 PCW.

Contributed RRBs can be about any Rubin-related work or research, be it conceptual, ongoing, or completed.

RRBs should be SHORT. Limit uploaded slide decks to 3 slides, recorded videos to 3 minutes, and abstracts for slides/posters/videos to 3 sentences. In lieu of uploaded materials, RRBs could display up to 3 plots and provide up to 3 paragraphs of text discussing them (see this “blog-style” RRB as an example).

Who can participate? All PCW attendees, virtual and in-person, are welcome to post RRBs. You don’t have to apply and there is no deadline. Anyone presenting an in-person poster is welcome to also contribute it as an RRB. All PCW attendees are encouraged to view RRBs and reply in-thread to ask questions or discuss the content of the RRBs. After the PCW, this category will be archived (read-only).


  1. Sign in to the Rubin Community Forum. Anyone may make an account.

  2. Navigate to the category “Science - Project and Community Workshop 2022”.

  3. Click on “+ New Topic” at upper right (as shown above), and use the pop-up to create your post.

Important: Format your title like “RRB: …”, make sure it is in the “Science – Project and Community Workshop 2022” category, and add the “pcw” and “rrb” tags, all as shown below.

Tips: There is a formatting toolbar for text. The upload button (up arrow) or the drag-and-drop method can be used to add posters, slide decks, or figures (up to 4 MB). Links (e.g., to YouTube), if put on their own line, will appear embedded in the rendered post.

  1. Click “+ Create Topic” to post your RRB. It will be publicly viewable.

  2. Respond to PCW attendees who post replies in-thread to ask you questions or discuss your work. Only logged-in Forum members will be able to “like” (heart symbol) or reply to your post.

Questions? Reply in this thread.

The Code of Conduct applies in the Community Forum. If you see any post that is off-topic or seems inappropriate in any way, please flag the post for moderation.