Summary: Delegate Assemblies, Fri Feb 11 and 25, 2022

The last two DP0.1 Delegate Assemblies did not have any formal presentations or hands-on demonstrations (and so were not recorded), but have had some fantastic breakout sessions.

On Fri Feb 11 we had two breakout rooms, one for a discussion of ongoing work on resolved stellar populations, and one to welcome new DP0 delegates with a walk-through of the first tutorial notebook.

On Fri Feb 25 we had two breakout rooms, one for a discussion of machine learning techniques and applications to the DP0 data, and one for resolved stellar populations. In the main room, we discussed details related to background subtraction and the new notebook on subtracted backgrounds (and a few updates were made to that notebook as a result). Near the end of the session, participants gathered in the main room for a discussion of the additional truth data needed to support ongoing DP0 projects.

As there remain many open questions about what kind of truth data is available, its format, and how we might obtain it and share it in the RSP, the CET will investigate options over the next couple of weeks and we will return to the topic of truth data in the next assembly, Fri Mar 11.

See the full schedule of Delegate Assemblies for future topics and links to recordings.