Summary: Delegate Assembly, Fri Mar 25 2022

Presentation on Photometric Redshift Estimation – This assembly featured a hands-on tutorial by DP0 delegate Sylvie Dagoret-Campagne (@sylvielsstfr). The tutorial use two Jupyter Notebooks to demonstrate how to estimate photometric redshifts with scikit-learn, and how to statistically compare the results of different estimators. These notebooks are available in the photoz/MLScikitL_Estimator/ folder of the rubin-dp0 GitHub organization’s delegate-contributions-dp01 repository.

Delegate Profiles – Two delegate profile slides were presented before the tutorial, by Jose A. Acosta Pulido (@jacostap) and Christian Aganze (@caganze). Thanks both! Your slides have been added to our growing collection of delegate profiles.

Breakout Rooms – In the main room we had general Q&A about the RSP and DP0, as usual, and the breakout topics included how to get PSFs from an image and use them for source injection; resolved stellar populations; and a demo of a second photo-z notebook by @sylvielsstfr.

Assembly 2022-03-25.pdf (3.8 MB)