Summary: Delegate Assembly, Fri Sep 10

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The fourth DP0 Delegate Assembly was held on Friday, Sep 27th. Alex Drlica-Wagner provided a walk-through of the 04_Intro_to_Butler.ipynb tutorial notebook. This notebook introduces the Butler, a middleware component of the LSST Science Pipelines that is used to persist and retrieve data products. This tutorial demonstrates how the Butler can be used to query and access DP0 data products on the Notebook Aspect of the Rubin Science Platform.

A recording of this tutorial can be found at this link .

During the breakout portion of this Delegate Assembly, participants developed a simple notebook to display patches of the DP0 coadd image data and searched for a large (simulated) galaxy.

When’s the next Assembly? The next DP0 Delegate Assembly will be on Friday Sep 24, and will give an overview of the LSST Science Pipelines. In the meantime, remember that all DP0 delegates are welcome to come to the “Third Thursday” drop-in sessions and Stack Club sessions in order to receive live support with their DP0 activities. Find the full schedule for all of these events on the DP0 Delegates Homepage

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