Testdata_ci_hsc fits files


I have been attempting to do the Getting started tutorials, and gotten to part 3. I have been using docker to conduct all of this, and I have been facing issues using DS9 in the docker image container. I have DS9 on my host system, but I am struggling to get the fits files from the docker image to my host system.

Does anyone have any links or repositories where the data can be more easily accessed for me to run the final part of the tutorial on my host system?


You can clone it from https://github.com/lsst/testdata_ci_hsc/. Note that you will need to have git-lfs installed to clone this properly.

I tried that before, in the raw folder, but they are all compressed fits files, and i assume they are some kind of wrapper or used to call the actual data? Can you talk me through how it works using this and getting the full fits files on my host system using git-lfs please?

If the file contents look like:

version https://git-lfs.github.com/spec/v1
oid sha256:00f64a7ae336ce419a9eaac7d16c58f70236736c0781616f7120d3cf7f04591d
size 6897600

then you do not have git-lfs properly working. If they start with a normal FITS header ("SIMPLE ="), then they were properly cloned, and you should be able to use DS9 on them directly.

I think the directions in Configuring Git LFS for downloading LSST data packages — LSST Science Pipelines are pretty comprehensive with one exception: each user should run the command “git lfs install” once after the software has been installed.

Ask again if any of those steps gives you trouble, or if you can’t clone the repository thereafter.

The tutorial you linked requires accessing the LSST pipeline to download git lfs, which I cant do without docker, and docker is providing the issue of being unable to download the files from the container to my host.

I am trying to access the example fits files without accessing the pipeline or using docker. Can i still use this git lfs system on my own computer to access the fits files then, without going through that tutorial or using docker or using the LSST pipeline?

It doesn’t sound like the issue here, but just a comment that DS9 knows how to display tile-compressed FITS files. And image headers remain readable, etc. Any tools layers on CFITSIO should treat such files as native FITS images.

From the page I linked:

You can also install Git LFS independently of the LSST Science Pipelines. Follow the instructions on the Git LFS homepage to install Git LFS onto your system.