The recommended Git LFS version for DM is now >=2.3.4

If you use DM’s Git LFS, please take a moment to check that your Git LFS client is version 2.3.4 or newer.

You can check the version of your Git LFS client by running:

git-lfs version

You can get a new Git LFS client from or through your package manager (for example, brew upgrade git-lfs if you’ve installed Git LFS through Homebrew).

The new version is stated in our developer documentation (


We’ve recently observed instances where extra credentials for S3 endpoints need to be cached when using very old clients (<2.0). We don’t know why this started happening since our Git LFS server hasn’t changed recently. We also think it may be a Mac-specific issue. We do know that a modern git-lfs client does not have the issue. We’ve adopted git-lfs version 2.3.4 as the minimum required version because that is the version deployed with lsstsw in our continuous integration environments.

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Is git 2.3.4 available on lsst-dev01

setup git_lfs
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Has the git-lfs version that gets installed with lsstsw been updated as part of this?

Version 2.3.4 is already the version installed by lsstsw. This motivated the specific version requirement.

Thanks. I guess mine was way out of date.

If Git LFS is currently working for you, you can likely keep using it (no need to immediately rebuild your lsstsw installation). But if Git LFS suddenly breaks, upgrading the client is the best way we’ve found to fix that issue.

Mine was failing due to being out of date (version 1.5.5). However, rebuilding lsstsw isn’t enough to cause lsstsw/lfs/bin to be updated. I think you have to re-run bin/deploy for that to happen.

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