TransmissionCurves for HSC


With the merge of DM-13389, HSC’s ISR will by default load various transmission curve datasets from the input data repository, combine them, and attach them to the postISRCCD (and subsequently calexp, etc).

For this to work, any raw data repositories with HSC data will need to have those new datasets added to them. For now, this can be done with the new script now provided with obs_subaru. Simply do:

setup obs_subaru <some version> /path/to/root/data/repo

To run against a data repository without these datasets, you can just disable attaching the TransmissionCurves in ISR: ... -c isr.doAttachTransmissionCurve = False

I’d love to get similar functionality working for other cameras, but some work will need to be done to locate and interpret the necessary data. The implementation in obs_subaru can probably be used as a template for that, but I’m happy to help with any questions.

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Thanks to @hsinfang for having installed the transmission curves for us on the LSST cluster already!

Has anyone done this for validation_data_hsc yet?

And I’m assuming nothing needed to be changed in testdata_subaru?

I don’t believe validation_data_hsc has been modified (at least, not by @jbosch or me), and no changes are required to testdata_subaru.