Trouble Pushing Changes to Delegate Contributions dp02

Hi, I am currently trying to upload a notebook onto Delegate Contributions under csu_students. I have been following the CheatSheet.txt that is on the repository. After I commit my changes, I get to the step where you have to push your commits to your branch of the remote repository. Putting in the command “git push origin u/your_name” I am prompted to fill out my username and password. Which I do, although I use my token for my password as is suggested. However even after doing all this I get this error:

“remote: Permission to rubin-dp0/delegate-contributions-dp02.git denied to vicentepuga.
fatal: unable to access ‘GitHub - rubin-dp0/delegate-contributions-dp02: This repository is for DP0 delegates to contribute and share DP0.2-related materials (e.g., code, analysis tools, tutorials).’: The requested URL returned error: 403”

I am confused on how to proceed from here. The first time I uploading a notebook onto Delegate Contributions I did not have this error, and I followed the same steps, so I’m wondering if this is due to a recent change of some sort.

Hi @vicentepuga,

Thanks for your contribution.

I do see you’ve merged your PR #37 2 hours ago. Are you having the permission issue with another PR?

So in the end I managed to merge it but I did so directly on GitHub, by just going on the delegate page, going into the csu_students folder, and then add file and upload file. I just was not sure if the correct way was following the CheatSheet or doing it the simple way on GitHub. And if I had to do it the way it is on the CheatSheet I was not sure how to adjust for the error I was getting.

Hi @vicentepuga,

What you did is fine, and thank you for contributing!

You may want to set up an SSH key to use your username and password as an authentication method. Please refer to this page.

Hi @vicentepuga. Have you had a chance to try the suggestion by @galaxyumi331? Have you had any further issues pushing changes to the delegate contributions?