TVS-SN WG All aboard! How RAIL can help TVS SN

During the last meeting of the TVS-SN WG on November 2nd 2022, the LINCC software RAIL has been discussed with Alex Maltz , slides in attachment,
All aboard! RAIL _3 TVS SN.pdf (1.3 MB)
and how it can be used to improve the SN science.
LINCC Frameworks has effort to direct toward software infrastructure to meet TVS SN photo-z needs, so they want to understand what those are in some detail.

As for the project scientist and software team for LINCC framework, they are pretty new to TVS and they want to learn more about what people are planning/hoping to do and to contribute to research projects, especially any that correspond to using or developing RAIL to address photo-z-related needs.

The questions posed for discussion:

  • Do you need simulations of host photometry-redshift relationships, e.g. by SN type?
  • Do you want new kinds of estimators, e.g. directly from lightcurves, factoring in probability of host association, etc.?
  • Do you have requirements that have to be met? If so, how were they derived? What quantities/metrics are they defined in terms of and are there others that would be appropriate but haven’t been used yet?

To continue the discussion or for asking clarification on the software please contact @aimalz or comment the post to keep everyone in the loop of the conversation.