TVS Software workshop, March 09-10

Dear everyone,
we’d like to announce that the Third TVS Software Workshop is going to take place on March 9-10, at 8–11 AM Pacific time (11AM-2PM Eastern and 5-8PM CEST correspondingly). We strongly encourage all the TVS members to attend the workshop regardless of whether you currently develop any TVS software. Your feedback as potential users would be invaluable during the discussion sessions. Please, register at this link : before March 3 .

The programme is expected to include:

  • TVS members talks on their software projects, including updates on the in-kind contribution projects.
  • A summary of the TVS Software Task Force trainings that took place during the last year, such as IEEE course on software requirements and Intermediate Reasearch Software Development course (Carpentries-based).
  • A talk on the plans for the future software trainings, on the requirements for the TVS-endorsed software and on the possible benefits of making your software TVS-endorsed.
  • Discussion sessions on the abovementioned topics.

If you develop or plan to develop software that may be useful to the TVS members, we would like to ask you to present your projects in a pre-recorded 2 minute video . The videos will be made available on YouTube a day before the workshop so that the participants of the workshop could watch them in advance. Additionally, the workshop program will have time allocated specifically for those videos and for the follow-up discussion. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together software developers and the potential users, so you are welcome to send your pre-recorded videos even if you are unable to attend the Zoom sessions on March 9-10 and join the discussion in the corresponding Slack channel.

The video can be a 2 minute voice-over recording of several slides or your software demo. You can use either your OS recording software or Zoom recording capabilities. The video should:

  • describe the high-level purpose of the software
  • indicate its target audience (TVS as a whole or a specific sub-group)
  • indicate whether it’s an in-kind contribution or TVS-endorsed software
  • indicate the current stage of development.

Please, send me your videos (at ) before March 6, 2PM Pacific / 5PM Eastern / 11 PM CEST so that we had enough time to upload them on YouTube. Feel free to reach out to me if you need technical support or have any questions regarding the videos.

Best regards,