Type Ia supernovae data from DP0.2 catalogue

hi, i was trying to make residual plots, i had just started working in the jupiter aspect. is there a way to access only type Ia supernovae data(redshift, max flux/magnitude) from the DP0.2 catalogue?

Hi @akshita.goyal,

The TruthSummary table has a truth_type parameter that is 3 for Type Ia supernovae, and that table contains the true redshift as well. See tutorial notebook 08_Truth_Tables.ipynb for a demonstration of how to access the DC2 simulation truth tables from the Dark Energy Science Collaboration.

Then, for detections and measurements of any and all transient sources detected in the difference images (stars and supernovae), use the DiaObject, DiaSource, and ForcedSourceOnDiaObject tables, described in the catalog data products documentation. Use of the DiaObject and DiaSource is demonstrated in tutorial notebook 07a_DiaObject_Samples.ipynb, with use of ForcedSourceOnDiaObject to be added soon.

thank you for the detailed solution

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thank you again for the help, i had a further doubt, sorry for bothering you again,

when trying to seperate SN1a, from truth summary table i got 445209 results, and from diaobject i got 70976 results, so how do i allocate redshift and flux/magnitude corresponding to each SN1a, as i want magnitude vs redshift of all the SN1a (not evolution of one SN1a), on a single plot.

plus no SN1a id from truth summary table or matches truth table is present in any of the DiaObject, DiaSource, and ForcedSourceOnDiaObject tables , am i doing something wrong?