Unable to install the latest weekly version of lsst_distrib

Hi, I keep on getting this error whenever I try to download the latest weekly version of lsst_distrib. I have also tried to install early version of lsst_distrib but I get the same error with w_2021_16 to w_latest .

Looks like there are flake8 errors. It’s unlikely that the devs have introduced any of those, as there are processes to prevent that. Have you changed settings on your local machine, perhaps added a flake8 configuration in your homedir or something similar?

Are you able to the use the binary releases? That would save you from a lot of trouble.

Your prompt indicates that you are using a rubin-env version that is too old for the source code you are trying to build. You should be using the newinstall.sh version that is tagged for the weekly, or following the rubin-env versions announced here on Community.

In particular, you will need rubin-env 0.6.0 for w_latest.

Hi, how would I got about getting the latest version of the newinstall.sh. I’ve tried changing the version number (22.0.1) and it gave me the same error.
“curl -OL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/lsst/lsst/22.0.1/scripts/newinstall.sh

22.0.1 is actually quite old; you should generally use w.2021.16 to build w_2021_16 etc. and master to build w_latest.

It was based off w_2021_15 and we are currently at w_2021_30 so you can see that there have been significant changes since v22 was started.