Unable to mount /cvmfs/sw.lsst.eu

When I am trying to add /cvmfs/sw.lsst.eu to our /cvmfs setup at NERSC, I got the following errors:

Aug 16 10:58:08 ngfsv100 cvmfs2: (sw.lsst.eu) failed to download repository manifest (2 - malformed URL)
Aug 16 10:58:08 ngfsv100 cvmfs2: (sw.lsst.eu) failed to fetch file catalog at sw.lsst.eu:/ (hash: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000, error 2 [malformed URL])
Aug 16 10:58:08 ngfsv100 cvmfs2: (sw.lsst.eu) Failed to initialize root file catalog (16 - file catalog failure)

I am kind of new to the /cvmfs environment (I am more a GPFS guy). Have I missed anything? We have had about 15 cvmfs repos here at NERSC and this is the first time we see this error.

Thanks for any help.


Thanks for trying this distribution channel. I’m surprised it does not work for you: for what I can see, I would suspect a typo in the configuration file you may have setup under /etc/cvmfs on your client, because of the “malformed URL” part of the error message.

I’m pretty sure the repository is working because CERN’s monitoring of stratum 0 repository tells me that the sw.lsst.eu repository is working. See: http://cernvm-monitor.cern.ch/cvmfs-monitor/sw.lsst.eu (please note that the link in front of the Browse: is not working due to a misconfiguration of the monitoring server). In addition, I just mounted the repository in my laptop and I can confirm the server is responding.

I don’t know whether you followed the instructions at https://sw.lsst.eu/installation.html for configuring your client or you did your configuration “manually”. In any case, I suggest you to look at the configuration files at https://github.com/airnandez/sw-lsst-eu/tree/master/etc/cvmfs, in particular, make sure that the URL you used in your configuration are correct.

Thanks for the help. There was some missing configuration info. I was able to update the configuration and was able to mount /cvmfs/sw.lsst.eu now. Thanks!