Unable to mount /cvmfs/sw.lsst.eu

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(Rei Lee) #1

When I am trying to add /cvmfs/sw.lsst.eu to our /cvmfs setup at NERSC, I got the following errors:

Aug 16 10:58:08 ngfsv100 cvmfs2: (sw.lsst.eu) failed to download repository manifest (2 - malformed URL)
Aug 16 10:58:08 ngfsv100 cvmfs2: (sw.lsst.eu) failed to fetch file catalog at sw.lsst.eu:/ (hash: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000, error 2 [malformed URL])
Aug 16 10:58:08 ngfsv100 cvmfs2: (sw.lsst.eu) Failed to initialize root file catalog (16 - file catalog failure)

I am kind of new to the /cvmfs environment (I am more a GPFS guy). Have I missed anything? We have had about 15 cvmfs repos here at NERSC and this is the first time we see this error.

Thanks for any help.


(Fabio Hernandez) #2

Thanks for trying this distribution channel. I’m surprised it does not work for you: for what I can see, I would suspect a typo in the configuration file you may have setup under /etc/cvmfs on your client, because of the “malformed URL” part of the error message.

I’m pretty sure the repository is working because CERN’s monitoring of stratum 0 repository tells me that the sw.lsst.eu repository is working. See: http://cernvm-monitor.cern.ch/cvmfs-monitor/sw.lsst.eu (please note that the link in front of the Browse: is not working due to a misconfiguration of the monitoring server). In addition, I just mounted the repository in my laptop and I can confirm the server is responding.

I don’t know whether you followed the instructions at https://sw.lsst.eu/installation.html for configuring your client or you did your configuration “manually”. In any case, I suggest you to look at the configuration files at https://github.com/airnandez/sw-lsst-eu/tree/master/etc/cvmfs, in particular, make sure that the URL you used in your configuration are correct.

(Rei Lee) #3

Thanks for the help. There was some missing configuration info. I was able to update the configuration and was able to mount /cvmfs/sw.lsst.eu now. Thanks!