Undeblended aperture corrections not applied in hscPipe v 6.6

When running the multiBandDriver on HSC-SSP produced images, I get the following warning:

multiBandDriver.forcedPhotCoadd.applyApCorr WARN: Cannot aperture correct undeblended_ext_convolved_ConvolvedFlux_2_4_5 because could not find undeblended_ext_convolved_ConvolvedFlux_2_4_5_flux or undeblended_ext_convolved_ConvolvedFlux_2_4_5_fluxSigma in apCorrMap

which should not happen given the doUndeblended function @Paul created in the forcedPhotCoadd.py config, right? I suspect a bug here.

This is due to a bug in the configuration for the undeblended convolved measurements as set in obs_subaru: DM-15171. I have a fix I’m in the process of testing.

Do you want me to push this fix out in an hscPipe 6.6.1 release, or do you want to simply fix the configuration with an override yourself?

we really need to start the multi band processing on Monday. If you think you can also fix the Wcs issue and put a new release before Monday morning (CEST time) I’ll wait for that release.

hscPipe 6.6.1 is out with the fix.

Great, thanks

(just ran it and the warnings on aperture corrections for undeblended sources vanished).

Has this fix been pushed out to the stack, too? I’m running into the same issue right now, but could wait until the next weekly if needed…

It merged on 21 July, which may have been too late to make it into the latest weekly.