Unrecognized column name 'Calib_instFlux' while jointcal

Hello, Recently I am tring to jointcal my data, and I met a error:

ValueError: Failure from formatter 'lsst.daf.butler.formatters.parquet.ParquetFormatter' for dataset b55a90b2-c582-4ba5-811b-766f7367c93b (preSourceTable_visit from file:///home/yu/python_by_yuyu/mock_wfst_task/wfst_butler_04_23/u/yu/singleFrame_for_jointcal/20230425T093233Z/preSourceTable_visit/20220424/g/WFST-G/7/preSourceTable_visit_WFST_g_WFST-G_7_u_yu_singleFrame_for_jointcal_20230425T093233Z.parq): 
Unrecognized column name 'Calib_instFlux'

And I read the parq file and find it indeed lact of the column, and I find it’s related to the source.yaml, which define the final output table, but I didn’t see anything like Calib_instFlux in that file, what may caused the error?
Thank you!

After debug for a long time, the error changes to:

ValueError: Failure from formatter 'lsst.daf.butler.formatters.parquet.ParquetFormatter' for dataset 84beff74-fe02-41d1-9907-2f0a022e32e9 (preSourceTable_visit from file:///home/yu/python_by_yuyu/mock_wfst_task/wfst_butler_2023-04-26/u/yu/singleFrame_full/20230426T114413Z/preSourceTable_visit/20220426/g/WFST-G/5/preSourceTable_visit_WFST_g_WFST-G_5_u_yu_singleFrame_full_20230426T114413Z.parq): 
Unrecognized column name 'apFlux_12_0_instFlux'.

The question has been solved, it’s related to the source.yaml, at the begining, I used the LSST pipeline version 23.0.1, in that version the source.yaml file is in obs_package, and when I met the error:

Unrecognized column name 'Calib_instFlux'

I didn’t know if it’s related to some new task like isolatedStarAssociation so I download a newer version pipeline 24.0.0, in that version source.yaml is in pipe_task, but I still use the older source.yaml in my obs_package instead of that in pipe_task, after modify that I can do jointcal successfully(At least I can jointcal in newer version)