Updated DM onboarding checklist

We’ve updated the DM Developer Onboarding Checklist. If you’re a T/CAM, point your future hires to this guide. We’ve even created a checklist specifically for T/CAMs.

And if you’re a recent hire, take a look at this guide for any steps or accounts that you might have missed when you were onboarded.

The new checklist covers things like:

  • The updated project and NCSA onboarding process (using the new project onboarding website).
  • How to get staff-level authorization on https://community.lsst.org.
  • How to get an lsstc.slack.com account.
  • How to get push access on all of DM’s GitHub organizations.
  • How to access LSST’s Google calendars.

If you see an error or gap in these onboarding instructions, please create a JIRA ticket.

Happy onboarding!