Updates to the Rubin Early Science Plan, information for people writing research proposals

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Please see the new version (v2.1) of technote RTN-011, “Rubin Observatory Plans for an Early Science Program,” now available at https://rtn-011.lsst.io and citeable at https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.5683848.

These updates in this new version are of general interest, but they are also designed to support those of you who are writing research grant proposals this year (e.g. to the NSF AAG grants call, or the various institutional fellowships on offer this Fall).

You’ll see some new data release milestone data ranges relative to those we showed at the PCW: these capture our current understanding of the Rubin schedule uncertainties in full.

You’ll also see the very high level plan for the commissioning observations (that will feed into the DP1 and DP2 data previews) that we showed at the PCW, so that you can not only plan your early science research with DP1, DP2, DR1, and the early science alert stream, but also cite the Rubin plan correctly.

We’ve set up Leanne’s Early Science talk at LSST@Europe4 to serve as a “PI Briefing” that will also hopefully help the proposal-writers among you. Click here to download a preview of Leanne’s slides (with the caveat that she may yet tweak them before taking the stage, of course).

You’ll see that they contain guidance on how to cite RTN-011 and the “Rubin data Products, Abridged” slide deck, and also some suggestions for how to make your proposals as compelling as possible.

Any questions can be posted as replies in this topic thread (below), or as new topics in the “Science - Early Science” category of the Forum.

You can also get some in-person support for your early science research grant proposal: all are welcome to join the drop-in early science Q&A session on Wed Nov 2 2022 at 08:00am US Pacific Daylight Time. Click here for connection info.

Here at Rubin we are rooting for you all, as you get ready for LSST Early Science!

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Updated 2022-10-25: to include RTN-011’s v2.1 zenodo DOI URL


Leanne’s LSST@Eu4 can be viewed at Plenary: Early Science (Leanne Guy) - YouTube


A new version, v2.2, of technote RTN-011, “Rubin Observatory Plans for an Early Science Program,” has been issued and is available at https://rtn-011.lsst.io . V2.2 includes clarifications to alert production during commissioning.

This version has been uploaded to Zenodo and citeable at https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.5683848 . Note that the Zenodo citation URL is the same as for previous versions; Zenodo will always return the most recent version of a document.

Is there going to be a version of these drop-in sessions or a recorded/streamed information session planned for this year? It would be great to get the dates as early as possible.


I’m hosting a virtual miniSprint for the SSSC in two weeks. If there are sessions planned, it would be great to have dates so I advertise them.

Hi Meg, as far as I know there are no info sessions planned (but I will inquire internally). As you’ve seen, the announcement about the updated schedule has been sent out, and updates to the DOI-citable RTN-011 will be released imminently.

For now the best place for questions is to post them as new Topics here in the Early Science category.

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A new version of RTN-011 is out with updated plans for early science following the October schedule workshop. Version 5 of RTN-011 has the same citeable : https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.5683848 .