Updating of LSSTreferences?


I’ve been finding the GitHub - lsst-pst/LSSTreferences: A package containing all LSST BibTeX entries - Cite LSST repository really helpful for getting premade bibtex entries for relevant Rubin Observatory documentation that I need to cite in a paper I am writing for the AAS journals cadence focus issue . The repo hasn’t been updated in some time. I can imagine having nice bibtex entries for the SCOC report and other documentation maybe helpful for future papers. Is this something could be updated or potentially have the bibtex on the webpages for the documents (e.g. https://pstn-051.lsst.io/)?


We put the project references at


All our project documents in .lsst.io automatically get entries into the bib files in there. One problem is that we write project documents using a @DocuShare bib type – I’m not sure what the output will look like for AAS in terms of the publisher and URL and it will ignore the document handle in the output.

I believe the Project Science Team intended to only list core references in their repository whereas lsst-texmf tries to be more completist.

Thanks. That’s helpful