Using imageDifference with coAdds

Hi all,

Any suggestions on how to get working with coadd images as the reference images? We can get it to work by setting --templateId, but not with coadds. Instead, we get the warning:

WARN: deepCoadd_sub, tract=0, patch=2,3 does not exist

despite that tract and patch existing in our deepCoadd and deepCoadd-results directories. Soon after the warning, the stack crashes, saying it can’t find that patch. We’ve tracked the warning to line 109 of ip_diffim/

We’ve based our obs_* package on obs_subaru. We were wondering whether we need to add/change anything in our policy file or mapper script to get this to work with coadds. Our obs_* package is here.



This is just a hunch, but if you manually specify the filter in patchArgsDict on line 100 of, does that fix it? You could also try the ip_diffim branch tickets/DM-7435, which has a proper fix for that one issue.

Thanks, Colin. We tried that branch you mentioned which fixed the problem.

Much appreciated.

Great. I’ll make sure that fix gets pushed into the stack.