We invite your participation for International Day of Women and Girls in Science!

Dear Rubin Community,

As we approach the annual International Day of Women and Girls in Science (February 11), we invite your participation in a joint celebration with other multimessenger collaborations (DESI, Fermi-Gamma-ray Space Telescope, LISA, IceCube, LIGO, NANOGrav, Pierre Auger Observatory, Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory, VERITAS, and Virgo).

For those who identify as a woman, please submit a picture or brief video (not more than 30 seconds) of yourself and your response to the following prompt: “Of your scientific accomplishments, which is the one you are most excited about?” If you are submitting a picture, please have your written answer visible in the frame.

To participate, please upload your submission to this Canto link by this Friday, February 4 . Please ensure that you enter your role and affiliation in the prompted description field, and your name in the prompted author field. Submissions will be featured on Rubin Observatory’s social media and may also be combined with those from the collaborations listed above into a video montage and posted to social media.

Thank you!
The Rubin EPO and Communications teams

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