What is the adopted camera geometry/orientation of the ITL sensor?

I am investigating astrometric issues in the processing of Euclid simulations of the ITL sensor. I found some bugs in the Euclid simulation involving the camera geometry (e.g. missing flips across serial/parallel axes, etc), which I corrected but the astrometry matching is still poor with a scatter of ~9 arcsec. I want to make sure that the amplifiers are located in the right place. In my case, lower left corner of the ds9 image has pixel coordinate [512,0] for Segment 10 and top left corner has pixel coordinate [512,0] for segment 00. RA increases from right to left and DEC increases from bottom to top. Is this the right geometry/orientation? Can someone tell me what is DM Stack’s expected camera geometry for the imSim mapper?

https://lse-349.lsst.io/ may help.