What's the current spelling of `calibrate.initialPsf.fwhm`?

What’s the current spelling of calibrate.initialPsf.fwhm ?

Or, alternatively, what am I doing wrong below in procesFile.py?

[serenity tmp] processFile.py test_dr1 --id filename='PS1-12bwh_A_J_20121028.lsst.fits' --output test_dr1 -c calibrate.detection.thresholdType='pixel_stdev' --clobber-config --config calibrate.initialPsf.fwhm=1.1
: Config override file does not exist: '/Users/wmwv/local/lsst/obs_file/config/processFile.py'
: Config override file does not exist: '/Users/wmwv/local/lsst/obs_file/config/file/processFile.py'
usage: processFile.py input [options]
processFile.py: error: no config field: calibrate.initialPsf.fwhm

You should be able to find what your looking for with the --show config=glob search, e.g. add --show config=*initialPsf* in your command line.

I suggest you run the task with --show config to see what config fields are available. You can specify a glob pattern as well, so this might work even better: --show config="*psf*".

If processFile.py is calling the current ProcessCcdTask then PSF estimation has moved to the subtask CharacterizeImageTask and the field is probably config.charImage.installSimplePsf.fwhm

Yes, thank you. Unfortunately, the new name is apparently not initialPsf so I didn’t find anything either through --show config or through look through the created config/processFile.py in the Butler repo.

Thanks, @rowen. The change to charImage and the new name were key things I never would have figured out!